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Why is God so concerned about sin? By Stephen White

June 6, 2024

In the 1960s movie Pollyanna, a cheerful young orphan girl by that name convinced the local minister to preach on the many ‘Glad’ passages from the Bible. It is a trend that has been going on for at least a century as we do not want to disturb people who come to church about their sin or the coming judgement – they might be offended and not come back. But is this how the Christian faith started – do all atheists have a similar optimistic view as Pollyanna?

The presentation attempted to answer these questions and looked at instances of powerful conviction of sin in recent times. The presentation is available on YouTube.

Stephen White has had a career as a physicist and is now retired. He has been a very supportive member of the Reasonable Faith Adelaide committee for a number of years.

Between now and the end of August, Ann and I will be away, mainly on cruise around the world. Somebody has to do it. In the meantime, Brian Schroeder will takeover most of my activities. I still hope to participate in most of the meetings via Zoom and will prepare the meeting announcements. However, Brian will host the live meetings, record the meetings, control the zoom sessions and upload the recordings onto YouTube. A lot of this is pretty tricky. I am very grateful to Brian for doing this. Please pray for him and support him in whatever way you can.

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