Adelaide Chapter

Spiritual Authority, by Gordon Stanger

April 12, 2024

Here is Gordon’s summary of what he will be presenting:

Jesus’s instructions to His disciples are: “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!” Most Christians in the Western world dismiss Matthew 10:8 as absurd and out-of-date babble from another age. They have enough faith to be saved, but zero faith for going further. For many, being led by, and abiding in the Holy Spirit, are evidently nothing but words without power. There are mainstream conservative denominations which, in direct contradiction to our Lord’s instructions, teach that wielding our Lord’s authority is unsound emotional foolery. For example, in the Lutheran church, pastors who get interested in healing and deliverance risk being hauled before their district authorities and held to stern account, or even expelled from their church duties! Demonstrating ‘kingdom authority’ is dismissed as ‘schwarmerei’ (fanatical rubbish). Other traditional churches have a similar attitude. Fortunately, a growing number of Christians recognize the contemporary reality and scriptural authenticity of the authority that they discover in Christ.

Gordon’s prestation is available on YouTube.

Dr Gordon Stanger is a geologist, hydrologist, water resources specialist, and a climate-change impact analyst. He is an RFA committee member and is semi-retired.