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In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the idea that this is the best of all possible worlds was popular in Europe, particularly in many leading philosophical circles. To Francois-Marie Arouet, more commonly known as Voltaire, this was nonsense, and he set out to lampoon the concept in brilliant satire.


  • What was the basis of this belief in the first place?
  • How effective is Voltaire’s response?
  • And what should we make of it today, particularly in our covid-ravaged world?
Brian Schroeder

Brian’s presentation is available on YouTube.

There’s an aspect of Christianity that most churches are uncomfortable with, and that is directly hearing from God.

This can be by such means as:

  • Hearing an inner voice,
  • Two-way conversational prayer,
  • Dreams,
  • Visions, or
  • Prophesy.

Some churches argue that the Bible is all-sufficient. Nothing more is necessary, and such forms of direct human-God communication died out in apostolic times. Others, generally of a more ‘charismatic bent’, regard at least some of the above as still valid for today but are wary of such teaching as applying to the ‘normal Christian life’. So, can we hear God?

Dr Gordon Stanger

Gordon’s talk can be viewed on YouTube.