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We are saved (Thank God). Now what? by Gordon Stanger

June 25, 2024

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On Thursday, the 23rd of May Gordon Stanger spoke on “We are saved (Thank God). Now what?”.

Here is a summary:

For the most part today’s Christian disciples are a pale and insipid shadow of the powerful and dynamic discipleship that we read about in the book of Acts. Is it commonplace for us to go into hostile places to teach people about Christ, and to validate our testimony by the power of God in practical and dramatic ways? Do we:

  • Heal the blind and the lame,
  • Cleanse the sick,
  • Cast out demons,
  • Raise the dead,
  • hear God and act upon his word on a daily basis, or
  • utilize the gifts of prophesy, discernment, and words of knowledge?

Generally, no, we don’t. Are we, Jesus’s contemporary disciples, actively involved in spiritual warfare? If not, then what is the meaning of “Deliver us from evil?”

Outside the church the dominant culture has a one-word summary of the church – irrelevant!  So much of church leadership is tradition-bound, inward looking, self-serving, status-quo-retaining and bereft of the Holy Spirit’s power. It is largely tepid, clueless and faithless.

Inside the church we do a lot of good stuff with loving intent. But the good can be the enemy of the best. Fund-raising car boot sales, social outreach, and all manner of good works are all very well, but that’s not at the heart of what Jesus trained and commissioned his disciples to do.

There’s a lot more than just being saved. We are commissioned as foot-soldiers of the Lord’s army, to do his bidding for His kingdom. I’m still a novice in this warfare, but I suggest that His disciples engage in much more proactive activities that will involve closeness to the Lord, deeper faith, faster personal growth, advancement of the Kingdom, and many other benefits. The days of “irrelevance” are over!

Gordon’s talk is available on YouTube.

Dr Gordon Stanger is a geologist, hydrologist, water resources specialist, and a climate-change impact analyst. He is an RFA committee member and is semi-retired.

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