Adelaide Chapter

Kevin Rogers

I am the director of Reasonable Faith Adelaide.

I have a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree, a Masters of Engineering Science degree, a Diploma of Operations Research in mathematics and a graduate diploma in philosophy. I am a PhD student at the University of South Australia in the School of Engineering, where I undertake research on atmospheric acoustic tomography. The purpose is to measure temperature and wind patterns in the atmosphere using acoustic techniques. I am also an electrical engineering lecturer at Uni SA.

I was converted to Christianity at the age of 14 – against my parent’s wishes. I attend Ingle Farm Baptist Church, where I speak occasionally and also play the guitar. My wife and I are also involved with Holy Trinity Anglican church. I have always had an interest in Christian apologetics. It is fundamentally important to me whether Christianity is objectively true.

I benefit from the interaction with those who disagree with me. It motivates me to investigate issues and sharpens and often modifies my own knowledge and understanding.

I am married to Ann. We have 4 adult children, who are all wonderful (in our eyes), and we have 6 grandchildren, last time we counted. I enjoy good wine, good food and good company. I also play competitive racquetball for enjoyment, friendship and to maintain some semblance of fitness.