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The wrath of God is not a popular or frequent topic for Sunday sermons. There is more focus on the positive aspects of the Biblical message. Why upset people? Will it offend people? Will it help build a church? Is it an apologetic liability?

However, it is mentioned frequently in the Bible and is a common theme from Old Testament prophets.

It is also a common topic of ridicule cited by Christianity’s opponents. Thus their criticisms should be considered and answered carefully. Otherwise, we fiddle while Rome burns.

Also, is the Biblical teaching on the wrath of God part of the whole counsel of God, and is our proclamation deficient if we ignore or suppress it?

Some of the topics that I will cover are:

  • My conversion and personal experience,
  • Does the Bible claim that God can be wrathful?
  • Historic treatments,
  • Common objections,
  • Can it be misused?
  • The kindness and severity of God, and
  • Is wrath an essential attribute of God?
Kevin Rogers and William Lane Craig

Dr Kevin Rogers is the director of Reasonable Faith Adelaide. He was an electrical engineer and then became a lecturer, researcher, and research supervisor at the University of South Australia. He is now mostly retired but continues with part-time research. He is also learning New Testament Greek, attends Ingle Farm Baptist Church and is blessed with a wife, 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

Here is Gordon’s summary of what he will be presenting:

Jesus’s instructions to His disciples are: “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!” Most Christians in the Western world dismiss Matthew 10:8 as absurd and out-of-date babble from another age. They have enough faith to be saved, but zero faith for going further. For many, being led by, and abiding in the Holy Spirit, are evidently nothing but words without power. There are mainstream conservative denominations which, in direct contradiction to our Lord’s instructions, teach that wielding our Lord’s authority is unsound emotional foolery. For example, in the Lutheran church, pastors who get interested in healing and deliverance risk being hauled before their district authorities and held to stern account, or even expelled from their church duties! Demonstrating ‘kingdom authority’ is dismissed as ‘schwarmerei’ (fanatical rubbish). Other traditional churches have a similar attitude. Fortunately, a growing number of Christians recognize the contemporary reality and scriptural authenticity of the authority that they discover in Christ.

Gordon’s prestation is available on YouTube.

Dr Gordon Stanger is a geologist, hydrologist, water resources specialist, and a climate-change impact analyst. He is an RFA committee member and is semi-retired.

The Bible, along with Christianity, is regularly portrayed as being anti-women, misogynistic, responsible for the suppression & oppression of women, and a tool of “the patriarchy” to subjugate women.

On the other hand, Christianity is often accused and derided for appealing more to women than men. Churches seem to have a higher proportion of women than men and this was also true in the early church. So – what is going on? If the stereotype is true, why are women attracted to Christianity more than men are? What are we missing in all this?

Brian’s presentation answers the above questions and will also address the following issues:

  • What has been the historical norm for relationships between men & women?
  • What has been the Christian heritage?
  • How should the Greco/Roman culture be taken into account when interpreting the Bible?
  • Has Christian teaching and practices failed women?
  • What are the current popular opinions within Western culture?
  • Are they a reliable guide for what is right?
  • What is a Biblical perspective?
    • What is the difference between authority and value?
    • Should we preference responsibility or rights?
    • What is the created order for male and female?
    • Was Moses enlightened compared with other nations?
    • What were Paul’s teachings on relationships between men/women and husbands/wives?
    • What is God’s eternal plan?

Brian’s presentation is avalable on YouTube.

Brian Schroeder

Brian Schroeder is a Reasonable Faith committee member. He has BSc and BA degrees from Adelaide University (Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics), and an MA in Theology.

The format will be a presentation followed by open discussion, which will include both local and remote participants. The total meeting duration will be approximately 90 minutes. We follow this with a small supper to encourage social interaction.