Adelaide Chapter

The big world view questions by Ken Samples

November 27, 2023

On Wednesday the 22nd November 2023 we were privileged to have Ken Samples, from Reasons to Believe (RTB), to speak to us on the big world view questions. 

This presentation addressed the following questions:

1.            What in the world is a worldview?

2.            What does the Bible say about worldviews?

3.            What are the four prevalent worldviews today?

4.            How do we test worldviews for truth?

5.            What makes the Christian worldview unique?

6.            Are we experiencing a clash of worldviews today?

This is based on Ken’s Textbook, A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test (Baker Books, 2007) by Kenneth Richard Samples.

His talk is available on YouTube.

Kenneth Richard Samples earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy and social science from Concordia University and his M.A. in theological studies from Talbot School of Theology. He is a senior research scholar at Reasons To Believe (RTB). He uses his knowledge to help others find the answers to life’s questions and encourages believers to develop a logically defensible faith and challenges sceptics to engage Christianity at a philosophical level.