Adelaide Chapter

Reasonable Faith Adelaide is a local chapter of Reasonable Faith in the US.

The purpose of the Adelaide chapter is to promote apologetics in the Adelaide region. Apologetics is not saying that you are sorry. The word “apologetics” is derived from the Greek word “apologia”, which means “defence”. Thus Christian apologetics is a defence of the truthfulness and reasonableness of the Christian faith. In other words, we believe that the central truths of the Christian faith are reasonable and objectively true.

The Adelaide chapter promotes and uses the resources provided by Reasonable Faith. In order to access these resources you will need to register with Reasonable faith. The resources provided include:

We are also sympathetic with and will cooperate with other apologetics groups. Locally this includes the Graeme Clark Research Institute (GCRI) at Tabor College and the Adelaide City Bible Forum (ACBF). GCRI is mainly concerned with science/faith issues and tends to be fairly academic. ACBF has more of an evangelistic emphasis. We are somewhere in between. The intent is to cover the full range of apologetic issues in a rigorous manner, but in such a way as to be relevant to the average person.

We conduct the following activities:

  • Public meetings on topics of interest,
  • Development of resources for use by churches and individual Christians,
  • Development of resources for distribution to non-Christians, and
  • Debates with those holding other world views.