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Is Christianity a force for good?

On Thursday 11th April, Reasonable Faith Adelaide held an informal debate between Kevin Rogers (director RFA) and Scott Sharrad, the president of the Atheists Federation of Australia on the topic “Is Christianity a force for good?”

The debate and discussion have now been published on You Tube.

This is a summary of a talk Artificial Intelligence and its implications on ethics today. The talk was given by Tom Daly to Reasonable Faith Adelaide on the 12th of April 2018.

The talk can be viewed on You Tube and you can access the slides here.


Papyrus P52


The New Testament (NT) manuscripts are defined as those manuscripts that are still extant that were copied manually prior to the invention of the printing press. This article gives an overview of the New Testament manuscripts. It is a summary of a talk that is view-able on YouTube.

This article covers:

  • Writing Forms,
  • New Testament Papyri,
  • Highly Significant Papyri,
  • The great uncial codices,
  • Criticisms of the manuscript record, and
  • The significance of the NT manuscripts.