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Scientific arguments for an old Earth/solar System, by Dr Gordon Stanger

February 26, 2022

This year we are going to devote most of our meetings to address issues regarding Young Earth Creationism (YEC), Old Earth Creationism (OEC), the scope and validity of evolutionary theory and their relationship to Biblical inspiration. These topics are frequently raised during discussions on other topics.

Opinion is divided within our subscribers and our own committee. The views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily represent the view of Reasonable Faith Adelaide (RFA), as we currently don’t have one. It will be a miracle if we attain unity, but we hope that we at least become better informed and empathetic towards those we disagree with.

Gordon’s arguments can be classified into the following types:

  • Those that indicate an age longer than the maximum YEC limit,
  • Those that estimate the age of the earth (estimated to be 4.54 billion years), mainly based on radio-active decay estimates, and
  • Those that estimate the age of the universe (estimated to be 13.77 billion years).
Dr Gordon Stanger

Dr Gordon Stanger is a geologist, hydrologist, water resources specialist, and a climate-change impact analyst. He is an RFA committee member, semi-retired and is a keen advocate of ‘sensible Christianity’.

Gordon’s presentation can be viewed on YouTube.

On a lighter note, I came across this a few days ago: