Adelaide Chapter

The post flood world by Trevor Harris

August 26, 2022

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525–1530 – 9 September 1569)

To what degree is the Great Flood and the building of a large ark by Noah based on history?  It certainly has many proposals and explanations. Trevor Harris believes that it is historical and will discuss the following questions:

  • Why are there at least 10 or more sites for the ark’s landing?
  • What were the logistics for this early start to human settlement?
  • Is there archaeological evidence for where Noah set up his permanent campsite?
  • Was Nimrod the main instigator of a rebellion against God?
  • If there are over 4 locations offered for the Tower of Babel, which one is correct?
  • Why did the European Union (EU) use it as a symbol on one of their posters?
  • Mainstream science claims that human origins commenced in Africa, but tradition offers the Middle East. So, is there a reconciling explanation?
  • DNA gives supporting evidence for our common origins. Can the members of Noah’s extended family be the basis for all nations?
  • What were the features of the earliest civilization?
Trevor Harris

Trevor Harris is qualified as an architect and urban and regional planner, which he practiced for 45 years. Twenty years ago, he formed a company dedicated to identifying and researching Bible sites and has conducted extensive field trips to the Middle East.