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The surprising rebirth of belief in God by Tom Daly

June 6, 2024

Tom Daly introduced us to the ideas captured in Justin Brierley’s latest book, and podcast series “The Surprising Rebirth of Faith in God.” In a world where the arguments of the New Atheism have seemingly grown stale, Brierley presents his thesis that amidst academia, intellectual circles, scientific communities, and the realms of art, there’s a surprising resurgence in the exploration of Christianity’s narrative.

This resurgence isn’t merely about religious (Christian) belief, but more broadly about renewed search for meaning and purpose for those of us living in the modern Western world. Tom will present highlights, adding his own observations and presenting some of the intriguing and encouraging observations Justin is making based on his many years hosting talks between Christians and Atheists.

Tom’s talk is available on YouTube.

Tom Daly

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