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The Christian roots of modern science, by Brian Schroeder, 12 September 2019.

February 17, 2022

When it comes to talking about the development of science as we know it in the West, the standard pop level narrative usually goes something like:

  • “From the time of the Ancient Greeks, figures such as Aristotle were the fathers of science, and then unfortunately the Roman Catholic Church came into power during the Middle Ages/Medieval period (5th century to around 15th century) and during this 1000-year period, science was stagnated, that is, until science finally broke free from its religious roots in the early modern period i.e. the scientific revolution from the 16th century onwards. At this point modern science developed rapidly (finally) due to the fact that scientists were no longer religiously constrained as they once were.’”(Nathan Bossoh)

However, if we ignore “pop level narrative” and look at actual history we see something very different.

Brian Schroeder argues that, rather than hindering the rise of modern science, Christianity was actually the underlying philosophy and the driving force behind it.

Brian Schroeder

Brian’s presentation is available on You Tube