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Is there an atheist morality? by Brian Schroeder, 8 May 2019.

February 17, 2022

Everyone has morals. Christians have morals, Muslims have morals, Hindus have morals and atheists have morals, but where do those morals come from? What is the underlying basis provided by those belief systems for the morality their adherents lay claim to? Also, what would a totally non-moral human look like, if it were even possible for such a person to exist?

In the case of atheism, is there any source for morality? Is there an atheist morality? If there is, then what is it? If there isn’t, then what explanation do we have for the fact that atheists are moral beings?

Brian Schroeder

Brian Schroeder attempts to look at all this and more by drawing from both atheist and theist sources.

The presentation is available on You Tube