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Is the Bible geographically reliable? By Trevor Harris

September 29, 2023

The Bible describes events that have certain geographical implications. This results in some debate that require interpretations.

  • In 1858 when Antonio Snider-Pelligrini produced his global map of a super-continent he was mocked by scholars but his theory led to more helpful investigations.
  • When the Apostle Paul addressed the scholars in Athens he appealed to the claim that the true God was the creator of the world and who founded the early nations and their regions. What is the evidence for this claim outside the Bible?
  • Defining the route of Israel’s exodus from Egypt and their 40 years of wandering has many candidates. Are there some clues for the required logic?
  • Archaeology and topographic logic can be used to identify many of the sites of biblical Israel. Even today this topic causes passionate responses among scholars and politicians.
  • The New Testament describes key events in the life of Jesus. Where are some of the important locations?
  • The Apostle John was given a profound geographical description of the final destiny of the earth. Is it real or a surreal imagination?

Trevor’s talk is availale on YouTube.

Trevor Harris has an Honours degree in Architecture and a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning. He has practiced in these areas for 45 years. Twenty years ago he formed a company Key-line Christian Research dedicated to identifying and researching Bible sites and their history. This has included extensive field trips to the Middle East.