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The origins of Islam by Geoff Russell

June 22, 2023

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Date(s) - 22/06/2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Islam is the second largest world religion and has had a huge impact on our modern world. Islam’s holy book is the Koran, and its most significant character is Muhammad, but where did it come from?

The Koran lumps Judaism, Christianity, and Islam together: “Verily, they who believe (Muslims), and they who follow the Jewish religion, and the Christians … shall have their reward with their Lord: fear shall not come upon them, neither shall they be grieved.” (S2:59).

The Koran says that Christianity and Islam go together as “the one Religion” (S21:92). The Koran says of itself that it confirms the books previously given (Old Testament, New Testament), “that which they had received already” (S2:83). Muslims claim that Islam is the proper successor of Judaism and Christianity.

Geoff Russell

Geoff Russell will present an address that describes the origins of Islam. His talk will include a biography of Mohammed and describe the establishment of Islam during his lifetime. Mohammad accepted the old and new testaments and refers to many biblical characters, but the Koran contradicts the Bible at crucial points. To the Muslim, Mohammad is the ultimate and final prophet and what he says supersedes what went before. Geoff’s talk should make us better informed and be helpful for engaging with our Muslim friends or acquaintances in a respectful and friendly way. Geoff is a committed evangelical Christian He has read the Bible, cover to cover, countless times. He’s also carefully read the Koran, cover to cover.

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