Adelaide Chapter

Artificial Intelligence – Implications and Ethics Today by Tom Daly

May 23, 2018

This is a summary of a talk Artificial Intelligence and its implications on ethics today. The talk was given by Tom Daly to Reasonable Faith Adelaide on the 12th of April 2018.

The talk can be viewed on You Tube and you can access the slides here.

I recently had the opportunity to give the this talk (available via the links above) to the Adelaide chapter of the Reasonable Faith organisation.  My aims were to raise awareness of the significant advances being made in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to highlight the implications of this to us all and to promote much wider discussion around AI particularly discussions about the ethical implications of this technology.  I attempted to demonstrate how pervasive AI technology has already become and why so as to establish the relevance of the topic.

The premise of my talk and my argument is that the pace of change driven by technology and AI technology in particular is “increasing” and that we are already seeing quicker more radical changes in our society resulting from AI powered technology in this decade than we saw in the previous decade as a result of smart-phone technology. This is a significant claim when the quite stunning changes to our way of life due to smart-phone technology are considered.

This talk is part #1 of 2 and specifically deals with AI technology that is here and now and which needs no dramatic new technology discoveries to keep rapidly advancing and impacting our jobs, our security, our ethics and our relationships.

I introduce part #2 briefly in this talk. Part #2 will focus on current research and the expectations of many for the creation of “human level” AI and perhaps beyond to an artificial super intelligence.

If you watch the talk or look at the slides please feel free to leave a comment as feedback would be appreciated, either on the youtube site or here.