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September 21, 2013

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“Is Job historical?” by Brian Schroeder

When: 7 pm, Thursday, the 27th May 2021 (Adelaide time)

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The book of Job in the Bible is one that has resonated with people for thousands of years.  It confronts one of the enduring questions that continues to plague mankind:  Why do the righteous suffer?

Elihu contradicts Job and his friends (Job 32). Wood engraving, published in 1886.

But how should we view this book?  Is it a philosophical/theological treatise?  Is it one man’s struggle in written form to come to grips with the question?  Is it the work of many people over a period of centuries?  Or is it the story and experience of a real human being struggling first-hand with major catastrophes in his own life?

Brian Schroeder

Brian Schroeder will look at these questions, along with the historical setting against which this story is set.

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